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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Strange callings

I woke this morning, bright and early (5.30) and went to let the dogs out - nothing unusual here. In the garden I noticed our sadistic cat looking very pleased with herself and the panicked shrill callings of a game bird, possibly a partridge. Looking around I couldn't see the bird so I grabbed the lawn rake and proceeded to 'pacify' the cat away. That done I became more aware of being outside in the early morning, in a slight drizzle, unclothed, I therefore noticed: a - the cold and b - the bird still calling and a couple of tiny chicks darting around. To cut a long story short with the cat safely pacified I went in, least I lost something of my own and got dressed. At roughly 6.20-ish I opened the back door to find an abandoned lone partridge chick looking forlorn and cold standing slightly dazed. I proceeded to pick him up and keep him warm in the airing cupboard whilst we debate what next to do. We do have a hen who has recently hatched 5 chicks so our friendly Brahma may well be taking on our new addition.


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