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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Miss Pettigrew lives for a day

Big lights, noise, expensive leather soled shoes - I have been to London. I have spent the last 3 days working along side Chris, his team and Lindsay Anglin on the 'Dawn Chorus' Chelsea garden. I arrived nervous and very unsure of what to expect and with some trepidation of what I had to live up to. Lucky for me the whole team was very welcoming and once I spotted Chris deep in the planting we had a chat and I set to it. I hope I settled in nicely and proved to be helpful.

I had a fantastic and rare opportunity to look at the flower show behind the scenes and I have to say it was an inspiration. I looked very closely at the way materials are used and with out giving anything away Luciano Giubbilei & Ulf Nordfjell's garden have given me hours of thought about how they work with landscape materials alongside plants and how to challenge myself.

I learnt a few priceless lessons from Chris and a wonderful lady called Nina, who I hope I have made a friend in. In all it was a fantastic trip topped of by meeting up with Claire Potter on Friday and taking a few minutes (sorry really hours) off to look around along with popping into Potterton Books in Chelsea and purchasing Gardens of the Loire Valley through the seasons by Marie-Francoise Valery.

I will be back at Chelsea, with Sean, on Wednesday to have a look around at the worlds most prestigious flower show, in all her finery.


Claire Potter said...

Oi Oi saveloy. Lovely to see you and good to see (and hear) how you are already challenging your boundaries as a designer. Looking forward to seeing how you (excuse the pun) grow, over the next year. Laters me lovely. CJ

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