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Saturday, 16 May 2009

More Malvern

Well firstly I sat down for a brief rest to watch Gardeners World, I won’t lie I haven’t watched it since Monty Don departed but I wanted to see the Malvern coverage, glad I did I’m off to the Auricular nursery tomorrow morning. The reason I ramble was my shock at seeing my totally shocked face peeping out as Chris announced the winner. Anyway enough on me I wanted to share with you the most amazing border at Malvern. The creation is by Debbie Bird and she, the creation, is called Lola. Its so simple and clever but we watched Debbie struggle un-pinning the clematis from fan trained trellis and pin it back onto the most intricate wire work frame. The finished result is amazing and she was awarded a very well deserved RHS Silver Medal. See my picture of Lola and believe me my photo does not do her justice.


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