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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Off to Chelsea

(Photo: Wormcast Garden, Chris Beardshaw) Well at last the day has come.  After spending a great deal of last night packing, after a very fun afternoon with the children who are creating a show garden based on Renoir's Umbrella's at Painswick Rococo Garden, everything is packed, wrapped and labelled stretching down the drive ready to go to Chelsea Flower Show.

Its been a bit hectic, Wednesday onwards I was a guest of the 3 Counties Agricultural Society at the Malvern Spring Gardening Show, where on Sunday I also was asked to do the afternoon slot in the Project Pavilion.  This actually was huge fun talking to gardeners about their gardens, plants and design ideas.  The afternoon was gone before I had even got comfortable in my 'experts' chair.  The new Chris Beardshaw Mentoring Scholar was chosen on Press Day and I think Maria will make a fantastic Scholar and she has a truly unique and exceptional year ahead of her.  I hope and I know she will seize the year  really gaining from the guidance and creative stimulus it provides.

Yesterday morning we spent a couple of happy hours wandering through a woodland on a private estate making our final selections of rotting timber for our decomposing wall and then the afternoon as I said with the children sowing seed and weaving willow.

Lastly I would just like to say to anyone planning to visit the Chelsea Flower Show it will be a privilege to meet you and say hello outside of the electronic world.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck! I heard you at Malvern on stage and was really impressed. Our fingers are crossed for you having a successful show.

Anonymous said...

All the best for Chelsea; we can't come but will be wishing you well. (Will be in touch re our discussions at Malvern once you are back from Chelsea.)

Paul Hervey-Brookes said...

Thank you both, just to let you know two days into the build and we are pleased with how its gone so far. We are lucky to have some very friendly neighbours on site and we feel settled, or at least as settled as you can in such a thrilling, paced environment.

Stuart said...

Congratulations Paul on your medal and for a stunning garden. The planting was sublime and really created an air of romance as well as being a beacon for wildlife!
Hope to see you again at Chelsea next year.
All the best, Stuart.

Paul Hervey-Brookes said...

Hello Stuart,
Thank you for your lovely comments. I hope I spoke to you at Chelsea but if not I am really pleased you enjoyed the garden but I also get the feeling you enjoyed the plants and for me thats what gardening is about. Who know's for next year but please do drop by if I am lucky enough to be there and say hello.

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