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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

One Year On

Swimming my lengths this morning at the gym I realised the past year has been a long journey in many ways but in reality a small time of a few months and I thought it would be interesting to look at the changes over the course of a year at our nursery.

We took over the nursery at the Rococo Garden last December and opened eagerly but knowing we wanted to do a lot more with the site over time.

(The Entrance to the Nursery January 2010)

During the closed period, November & December we ordered new tables from StageCraft and laid ton’s of hoggin, all by hand, a job which is much more satisfying retrospectively.

We incorporated a new show border, greenhouse, new signage and working areas.  To add to the tables we bought last year we purchased a further 8 and plan for a further 10 mid-season. 

Overall we are pleased with the shape the nursery has taken and since the Garden opened on 10th January we have seen a steady flow of customers, both new and old who have been very complimentary.

All this change means we can continue to trial plants in the borders and increase the number of plants we grow.  We will be going to a number of plant fairs this year which is really exciting.  One thing we are still undecided on is the creation of a paper catalogue, we keep an up to date on-line encyclopaedia, but I often wonder that there is something very magical about a paper plant catalogue and the ability to dream gardens into creation from them.

Every time we stop for a tea break we seem to sit and gaze out over our collection of plants which we have seen in most cases from seed to 2 ltr plant, we never stop feeling very lucky to have our nursery at the Rococo Garden, its a business, an escapism, a joy and an intrinsic part of our plant hoarding characters.

(The potted Snowdrops  - January 2010)

(Our dogs - January 2010)

(Buxus Balls - January 2010)

(Primula 'Lady Greer' & Scilla - January 2010)


Carol said...

This is just the kind of nursery I love to visit and support! Looks very lovely and interesting. Happy Anniversary! ;>)

Jacqui said...

You have acheived so much in your first year. I am only sorry that I live so far away - I would certainly be a regular through that lovely entrance.

Miranda Bell said...

I@ve just discovered your blog via Blotainical - lovely! Also very interesting as before we moved to Brittany, France we lived near to Bristol and I'd always wanted to go to the Rococco Garden to see all the beautiful snowdrop collection there... never realised there was a nursery too! All the very best with your new venture... maybe one day I might make it there when we're back on a visit! Miranda

Paul Hervey-Brookes said...

Hello, thank you all for your kind words. If you are ever in the Cotswolds then it would be lovely to say hello to you in person.
Ironically Miranda we used to visit Brittany & Normandy a lot ourselves, it is lovely so, the colours seem crisper and the air fresher.
All the best, Paul

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