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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Starting Over

Since the Autumn of 2008 we have been managing and developing our own website, With each new development we struggled to add more content and over time a little like an Apple Mac computer we have had to update and re - jig almost on the same 6 monthly basis!

Over the past year and a half we have given our site a few face lifts but the last, and ironically worse, seemed to make it even less clear to use and not terribly attractive.
Over coffee with friends in Minchinhampton a couple of months ago we realised there was nothing for it and prepared for a new website. We have patiently stood back and allowed the process to slowly evolve.

So our new
website has been totally updated. I am please that all of the plants we sell at the nursery are now listed.  This includes some really exciting new introductions we have been able to grow on from fragile seed sent from all over the world. We have grown them on and propagated over the Autumn ready for next year. It was much easier to grow them than think about the process of putting them onto the website, thankfully for me however that is all done now. 

Another development is the number of courses we have added for next year from the few we offered with the
Painswick Rococo Garden this year. 
Now with some really talented people leading very informative and enjoyable courses along with a  weekend break, learning the basics of growing your own, in association with Cotswolds88 Hotel I think next years courses look promising.
I am really pleased for everyone involved as 2 of our courses are now Royal Horticultural Society Recommended.

Lastly on this starting over blog, the nursery itself is getting a new broom.  We are closed until the 9th January but in that time we are busy resurfacing the entire nursery site and adding additional tables for an increase in plant range.  We have also created to new 11m long show border with some of our favourite plants in them.  I hope visitors to the Garden next year will like the improvements, the resurfacing has made it much easier to walk on and the cows in the neighbouring field seem to like watching us move 50 tonnes of hoggin by hand & barrow!


Anonymous said...

Hello Paul,

We visited the garden last year for snowdrops and will be coming back again this year. We really enjoyed coming up to the nursery and bought some G.woronowii bulbs. We will pop up again this year when we visit and have a look at the improvements, although it looked lovely before!
All the best, Joan.

Paul Hervey-Brookes said...

Thank you Joan.

When the Snowdrops were green we were busy potting up from the garden so I hope there will be plenty to choose from. Please come and say hello it will be lovely to see you.

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